Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, known for practicing a healthy lifestyle, talks about the way she uses colloidal silver on the dr. Oz show:
Dr. Oz: There is actually a ton of data behind it. Please, share it with everyone.

G. P.: Well, people think I am insane, because when I get on an airplane, when I get to my seat, I spray this all over my seat, and then under my tongue, because the research says that colloidal silver really keeps the viruses away. It’s a real viral-repellent.  So I use that a lot, especially when we’re traveling. I spray the kids’ seats and people think “What is this crazy woman doing?”

Dr. Oz: This was actually the first antibiotic. It was silver.

G. P.: Was it?

Dr. Oz: Yes. They used to put silver coins in milk to keep the milk clean. These are ancient therapies. And you know, we haven’t thought about it very much, because we have antibiotics. But this is a very smart way of killing stuff. We actually, in our family, are crazy about squirting it in our throats. It’s our throat spray, our everyday throat spray. We squirt it in there, and off we go. Do you do that too?

G. P.: Yes, absolutely.

Dr. Oz: What do you think of the taste?

G. P.: I don’t think it’s so bad. It’s pretty mellow.

Dr. Oz: It’s pretty neutral. But we have some fun home remedies for making it taste more palatable for the kids. If you make it taste good for the kids, they actually will believe it’s something important for them. Okay?

G P.: That’s true!
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